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Published by: Bill Darton on 21-Feb-18
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Today, we publish many testing reports, all independent and statistical,

...including Profit Hoopla’s Make Money Rankings.

This testing report currently test more than 64 Top Ranked Affiliate Programs for commissions paid.

The most recent report included data for the previous 12-months.

It is rather most impressive, useful, and determines the Rankings here at Profit Hoopla.

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Profit Hoopla is a traffic and commissions builder.

Key to Profit Hoopla are simplicity, truth, and rankings.

Many come and go and do nothing.

Oh, we were so foolish in those early days.

We Only Get What We Seek.

We only get what we seek.

So much activity and so little results.

Why, oh why? Truth is not sought.

People imagine, joining and doing nothing will somehow benefit them.

But experience teaches that this is foolish. We only get what we seek!

We only get out what we put in! No advice works unless you do!

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