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7 Ways your life improves when you work for yourself

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Whether you ditch the day job to be full-time self-employed, or your supplementing your income with a side job, there are some amazing ways your life improves when you take the plunge to work for yourself.  


Here are just a few things you’ll notice are suddenly better.   


1-You make the decisions 


From what computer to work on to what chair to sit on, and what music will be playing (or not), working for yourself means you get to make all the decisions about your environment, which means you can tailor it to suit your personal tastes and needs. You don’t have to argue with the technical department over why Facebook is blocked on your computer but nobody else’s and you get to decide about when you get to take lunch.   


2 – You choose your office 


Some people choose to have a formal desk and chair setup, while others work from their dining-room table, sofa or even, like bestselling author Marian Keyes, from their beds! It’s up to you. Working for yourself means you are responsible for your own productivity and whatever makes you feel ready to work, goes. 


3 – No more dress codes 


When you remove office dress codes from the picture, you really get to explore what makes you comfortable. Whether you are the type of person who gets dressed in business casual or stays in sweatpants all day, it’s about what works for you. 


4 – What commute? 


Did you know that anything longer than a 20-minute commute increases your stress levels and makes you an unhappier person all round? Why not remove that stress from your life by working for yourself? Working from home means no commuting, which also means less time wasted every day. Self-employed people often cite the lack of commute as a motivating factor to work hard at making a success of it. 


5 – Awesome co-workers 


Recently, studies have shown that having pets in the workplace could increase productivity. But why drag your dogs and cats to your office, when you can work with them in their (and your) own home? The great thing about pets is, they will force you to take breaks from your desk from time to time, which is very important to your mental and physical wellbeing 


6 – You dictate the schedule 


It’s amazing what you discover about yourself when you are self-employed. For example, when you’re no longer obliged to get up at 6am every day, you soon discover whether you work better in the early morning, afternoon or even late at night. Some at-home workers start their day as early as 4am, but by noon, they’ve already worked an eight-hour day and can take the afternoon off, guilt-free. Others prefer to work more traditional office hours, while some only get going by late morning, but work until well into the evening.