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Fireflies & Your Brain: How to Light Up Your Life


Imagine yourself sitting atop a grassy knoll.


The sun has just set. Then, just as night begins to fall, it happens.


First here. Then, over there. A brief flicker of magic lighting up the sky in little bioluminescent bursts.

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Free bitcoin Blog

On this blog, you will find tested and paying free Bitcoin earning opportunities.

There are some pretty new ones as well. Like Bitcoin-Bum? Have you heard of it yet? No wonder. It has ~15k players only.

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Get Crypto Coins on Auto

Cointiply is a new BitCoin Faucet (02/2018) where you will earn coins through faucet every hour from 18 coins to 100 000 coins, according to spin-ed value (1-10 000, 100 000 coins is for hitting 10 000 spin) and your multiplier bonus (1x - 2x) Other than the regular faucet you can earn money by p...

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