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Trigger Success Live Meeting Center

I am Bill Darton, the owner of this website. Hosting my
own Live Meeting Center is a simple way for you and
I to meetup while I am online.

Since I do this on my own, I have a limited schedule.
Typically, you can find me here from 9 to 11pm Eastern
Time (Toronto/New York/Miami) or by appointment.

If you prefer to set an appointment, log into your Worldprofit
member's area and you will se my contact information on the
home page. Just sent me an email with your name, your
Worldprofit ID and the best time to meet and I will do
what I can to accommodate you.

Go Live Now


What You Need To Know:
"I Talk, You Text" You don't need a camera or
microphone and nothing to download

Use the top box if you are already a member of Worlprofit

Use the bottom box if you are not a member of Worldprofit



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