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Let's Get This First Part Out Of the Way ...My Story!

My name is Bill Darton and I am the host of which is the site I selected when I joined Worldprofit and upgraded to Silver Dealer on April 28, 2016. I qualified as a Master Certified eBusiness Consultant (MCEC) for the first time on May 27, 2016.


How Does Worldprofit's Certification Benefit You and Your Business?

Higher Commissions - Upgrading to Silver Dealer at Woldprofit means you get at least 20% commission on nearly everything that Worldprofit sells (40% for Platinum Dealers). Free Associates at Worldprofit only get 5% commission on Silver and Platinum sales at Worldprofit.

Instant Credibility - When you add "Certified eBusiness Consultant" to your profile pages, signature files and promotional material, you are immediately perceived as successful. People will see you as an authority or a leader even if they have never heard of you before. Your prospects will be more likely to follow your recommendations because of the credibility that comes with a title like this.

Confidence - You can't simply apply for this certification. Nor can you buy your way into it either. You actually have to do the work and produce the results in order to qualify. In the case of the MCEC designation, you need to re-qualify within 30 days of your previous qualification in order to maintain your designation. Achieving these short-term goals on a consistent basis gives you a great sense of accomplishment - especially in the beginning when you are just starting to see profits and not quite making a full-time income.

Expertise - An expert is simply someone who has mastered the basics. This is true in any field or endeavor. As you initially go through the process of qualifying as a CEC and then repeatedly qualify as a MCEC you will gain knowledge and experience that very few online marketers will ever understand. This kind of expertise will greatly enhance all of the benefits listed above - i.e. more Confidence, more Credibility and even more Commissions - not only at Worldprofit but also in all your other business dealings as well.


Ready To Get Started?

STEP 1. Join Free as a Worldprofit Associate:
(Already a member of Worldprofit? Log in here: )

STEP 2. When you are logged in you will be greeted by a Live Monitor. They will let you know what you need to do to get started.

STEP 3. Contact Me! My info will be in the left panel in your member's area. Scroll down a bit to find it.

STEP 4. Tell me a little about yourself and let me know you are interested in becoming a Certified eBusiness Consultant

STEP 5  We can start working together to ensure your success.


I wish you the best of success and look forward to working with you.

Bill Darton
Master Certified eBusiness Consultant


The following is an explanation of the qualification process for the Certified eBusiness
Consultant program, as provided by Worldprofit (Bootcamp Training Lessons 8 and 35):


Certified eBusiness Consultant Program

Introduction to the Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC) and the
Master Certified E-Business Consultant (MCEC) Designations

Worldprofit has formalized our Bootcamp Training program to offer designations for graduates of our Home Business Bootcamp.

We congratulate those Members who have worked hard to achieve the designation of either CEC or MCEC.

The training we provide is REAL WORLD training. It's not loose theory or derived from an out of date text book, it's REAL LIFE learning with practical application of the concepts, tools, resources and software included in your Membership.

Complimented with an online training program accessible 24 hours a day when convenient for you, along with LIVE or recorded weekly training each Friday with George Kosch. George Kosch is the Bootcamp Instructor, who teaches you proven methods for generating traffic and multiple sources of income from reputatable sources.

No other company provides this kind of intense focused study, specialized learning, along with video and LIVE weekly training sessions. All backed up with 7 days a week of support from our Technical Team and our 24 hour LIVE Monitor Sales network. 

CEC: Certified E-Business Consultant: Worldprofit dealers who graduate from the Worldprofit Bootcamp Training Program earn the designation of Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC).

  1. Upgrade your own account to Silver or Platinum Dealer
  2. Complete the first 8 Bootcamp Training Lessons
  3. Refer one associate who also upgrades to Silver Dealer

MCEC: Master Certified E-Business Consultant: Worldprofit dealers who graduate from the Worldprofit Bootcamp Training and maintain specific criteria for sales and recruitment, earn the designation of Master Certified E-Business Consultant (MCEC).

  1. Qualify as a CEC
  2. Refer 25 new associates AND refer 2 new Silver Dealer upgrades within any 30* day period

(The 30 day period resets on the day you qualify. For example: You qualify as a CEC on the 7th of the month. Then you refer 25 new associates and at least two of which upgrade to Silver within the next two weeks. You would qualify as a MCEC on the 21st. Your new 30 day MCEC qualification period starts on the 21st. In other words, you do not have to wait until the 7th of the next month to start a new qualification.)

All Silver and Platinum VIP Members have the opportunity to complete the training levels (1-8) to graduate as a CEC, and then as a MCEC. This training and credential is included.

We would LOVE to see YOU graduate!  We want you to have a successful online business.

Complete the first 8 training levels to earn your CEC.  Help is here as needed, 7 days a week.   After you graduate, it doesn't end there, your learning can continue! There are more lessons and advanced learning topics to study at your own pace.



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